All about Chuta and the Totonaca Secret
All about Chuta and the Totonaca Secret

Chuta! A delicious high energy-low carb nut!

Chuta - the newcomer nut!

Where does Chuta come from?

Chuta® is a small tree that belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and originated in Mexico and Central America.
A very popular snack in the Veracruz region  is prepared with roasted and salted
Chuta® nuts. The protein-rich kernels are used to produce different specialties of the traditional cuisine of the Veracruz region like "tamales" and delicious sauces like "pipian".

What we offer

An innovative and nutritious product for the European market.

Technical guidance from a team of experts.

Elite seeds for growing Chuta®.

Partnerships and cooperation projects at farm and manufacturing level.

Further information for growers, producers and investors can be found in the following link:

What is Chuta ?

Chuta® was first found in rural communities in the south of Mexico, where indigenous cultures such as the "Totonacas" from the Veracruz region have consumed Chuta® as food for centuries.

Chuta® is currently brought as a novel food to the European market by JatroSolutions GmbH.

The name Chuta® is protected as a trademark in Germany and soon in all Europe.

How to consume Chuta?

Roasted Chuta® nuts are an excellent appetizer and can be used to prepare different dishes:

A huge range of tastes: from spicy flavors to sweet delights.

As a source for protein-fortified flours.

As a supplementary ingredient for every meal such as  salads, yogurts and much more!

Chuta - a new nut to create new flavors

Nutritional Value

Chuta® has high quality contents of oil and protein. It has up to 60% oil with high contents of unsaturated fatty acids, which represent a healthy diet. Chuta®  nuts have 30% protein, providing a high energetic nutritional value for human consumption.

In the laboratory no nut-allergens were at all  detected on Chuta®.

Chuta® is 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Chuta® is gluten-free.

Chuta® is low in carbo-hydrates.

Our Team

Each member of our dedicated team is working on researching and establishing Chuta® as an innovative food product. If you have any further questions about Chuta®, please contact our Chuta®specialist:
M. Sc. Lissette Hernandez, email:

Explanatory note: Chuta® looks and tastes like a nut, so we speak in our texts about nuts. The botanically and scientifically correct designation for Chuta® is kernels.

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